In 2009, the Medina County Economic Development Corporation in conjunction with the Chambers of Commerce and economic developers in the county started looking at support for entrepreneurs.  It was clear that finding information and getting the help new businesses need was difficult and the decision was made to fund the Medina County Tools for Business.  This one-stop-shop for business setup information was a great first step but the team wanted to do more.

Several different groups were discussing ways to support new business and in 2011 they came together under the name  the Virtual Incubation Program & Entrepreneur’s Resource (VIPER).  The ultimate goals of VIPER were:

  1. Increase the rate of local business formation
  2. Increase the survival rate of new businesses
  3. Increase the growth rate of new businesses, including higher revenues, increased capital investment and creation of new jobs

Initially, VIPER focused on the Tools web site, helping the City of Medina organize a workshop series on small business basics, and researching the incubator scene in Northeast Ohio. They took tours, reviewed venture capital funds, and generally learned about how to support business startup.   Through this process they met Ken Rosen who was doing similar research into how to foster business startup and the partnership was born.

Today, Entreprenaria is changing the way communities support startup businesses.  Through our unique approach, we believe we will have a true entrepreneurial culture in Medina County.



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