You have an idea, or maybe have even gotten started with your business, when you realize you need more support.  It is difficult striking out on your own and getting those resources can be expensive.  Enter Entreprenaria.  Here at the Entreprenaria we help businesses get started on the right track.  We support you with help obtaining funding, proven techniques to help you set the path and stay on it, collaboration with other entrepreneurs in the same situation you are and acceleration to get you to your dreams faster.

Unlike most incubators, we don’t just give you space and hope for the best.  Here, we have mentors with business experience who have been in your shoes and come through the startup phase successfully.   When we talk about collaboration, we mean you will have formal, structured opportunities to meet with fellow entrepreneurs and discuss what’s happening in addition to those connections you make yourself.  Our shared services model is unique in that service providers have come together to offer you services at a fraction of their standard fees to help you get off the ground.  And as the saying goes, if you stop learning you stop living, we provide extensive training in a variety of areas to keep you at the top of your game.

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